s i t e   b u i l d i n g  d e s i g n

ArcFormz is a creative + energetic + diverse site + building design firm founded by Rick Rocchetti. If your desire is a relaxing Beach House in SoCal, an intelligent Contemporary Office in San Jose, an authentic Meditteranean Villa in Sonoma, a country Winery in Napa, a rustic Mountian Lodge in Tahoe, a stylish Retreat on the links in Palm Springs or an ever so neccessary refresh/addition/remodel for your families current home, offices or property then ArcFormz can surely give you exactly what you are looking for.

We provide excellent design services and have very user friendly fees. Our primary goal is aim to please our clients and to always hit the target spot on. 


Rick has over 28 years of professional design experience with Showcase Residential Homes, Remodels, Subdivisions, Wineries, Retail Centers, Commercial Office + Light Industrial Buildings.

Rick's incredible palette of skills, knowledge + experience provides a well balanced final product that can happily meet and exceed a client’s vision.